Sandra Bloodworth is a realist painter that lives and works in New York City and Cape May, NJ. Bloodworth began her career as a watercolorist in Mississippi where she created realistic works concerned with texture and color that documented a landscape and time in the American South. After receiving an MFA in painting from Florida State University, Bloodworth moved to New York City to pursue her career as a painter. She turned to figurative painting with an emphasis on the portrait; attempting to both capture the personality of the subject and, in turn, reveal her own. In 2003, portraits of people that dominated her work became portraits of meals – intimate, personal representations of particular shared events.

Sandra Bloodworth has exhibited widely from Charleston, Mississippi to New York City. She is currently director of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Arts for Transit program. In 2005, she was awarded the Sloan Public Service Award for her work in bringing art and music to the New York subway. She is the co-author of Along the Way: MTA Arts for Transit.