R.A. MILLER (1912-2009)


Growing up in Rabittown, Georgia as the youngest of eight, R.A. Miller left school at age twelve to work at the local cotton mill. He would later serve as an ordained minister for the Free Will Baptist Church until his glaucoma began to affect his eye-sight at age sixty-five. Miller began making his “whirligigs” to pass the time; he had picked up the craft as a boy, and discovered he still had the talent for designing and executing moving parts to catch the wind. “Whirligigs” and carvings covered Miller’s hillside and when his failing health made him unable to work on his projects alone his family was left with directions to finish and paint them.

Using found materials R.A. Miller would create a “whirligig” that unfailingly moved in the breeze. Miller would use any found object from bicycle parts to scrap metal and old wire. His carved figures were often Biblical heroes, animals, and pop culture icons. Much of R.A. Miller’s work has an inspirational message, a means to share the word and joys of God.