KEN GRIMES (b.1947)


In the video interview below for the Ricco Maresca Gallery, Ken Grimes states “The sooner we start a pattern of global awareness and formulate a response to side effects, the easier it will be to make the transition between human-centered view and an alien perspective.” Grimes is fascinated with the potential for alien contact and the possibilities that interaction may bring us. He uses his talents to distribute his collective knowledge on the topic and share his conclusions. Aliens and our interaction with them are the primary topic in his works; they are portrayed in a positive manner and Grimes speculates that extraterrestrial beings may prove to be more advanced spiritually and intellectually than humans are currently.

Painting black onto white gesso-primed masonite, Grimes chooses to use the visual arts versus the written word to convey his message in a quicker more concise manner. Typically Grimes creates a mock up of his work to map out the wording around space dedicated for drawings and symbols; they are not finished but are used as a diagram for the final version when he is satisfied with the layout. He then carefully pencils out his words on the final piece’s prepared white ground and proceeds to fill in all around them with his black paint; he feels that he achieves crisper, cleaner edging if he paints the space all around the words versus simply painting the letters black. Also, through the use of the intense color contrast of black on white Grimes intentionally interprets the light as representing the truth, which shines out from the dark representing the absence of truth. On average his works take three to four days to complete and his finished works are illustrated with bold symbols of extraterrestrial figures, objects, and crop circle designs.