“My medium is acrylic on paper, canvas and wood including recycled doors. I incorporate collage in some of my work. I enjoy experimenting with new techniques by building up texture with layers of pigment and gel medium.

I am an artist obsessed with Faces. Even when I try to paint something else, I often end up painting a face. Quirky characters that have taken up residence in my subconsious find their way out thru my art.

Other recurring themes include, Family, Cats and other Critters, Fruits and Flowers, Travel impressions and plein air landscape paintings of my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains.

I launch a painting with right brain spontaneity allowing occasional input from my pesky left brain. One of my favorite techniques is to create a painting on palette paper from left over pigment from a larger painting in progress. Some of my richest, rawest images emerge from this playful habit.”1

1 Joyce Thornburg, My Art (pulled from the artist’s website)