CLYDE JONES (b.1939)


Clyde Jones is a retired mill worker from Bynum, North Carolina who has only nine fingers, yet he is undeterred from creating his paintings of sea creatures and and his better-known sculptural “critters.” He executes thickly painted images of animals on found objects such as door panels and wood boards – the imagery draws life through his use of bright colors and his creative application of ordinary objects – his efforts suggest a movement and vitality and all of Jones’ creations are “alive.”

In 1982, Jones began his association with the Haw River Assembly, an organization formed in order to restore and prevent further pollution of the Haw River, located near his home. As a result, Jones plays a large role in the annual Haw River Festival, which was created to educate both the public and schoolchildren of the escalating damage to the river and nearby watershed.

Jones is generous with his time and donates his efforts to local auctions and festivals, and teaches elementary children how to make their own artworks, paintings and “critters” using found pieces of wood, sticks and twigs. He allows his works to be auctioned or raffled to raise money for local charities but refuses to directly sell to anyone. Hundreds of Jones’ works adorn his lawn in Bynum and he often welcomes the curious visitors who find their way to his doorstep from all over the world.