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The artist Jacques De Du-Glass is now deceased, but was one of our more interesting Indiana artists. Du-Glass was born James Donald Beatty in 1931 of an unwed mother who gave him up for adoption. The Douglass family raised him on their farm on the outskirts of Warsaw.

The boy was not formally schooled but was fascinated with genealogy and learned the French heritage of the Douglass name. He fell in love with the French background and in middle age had his name changed to Jacques De Du-Glass. Du-Glass also loved the history, particularly of the buildings and structures of Indiana. He began to teach himself to draw with a painstaking, if folksy, ability.

Du-Glass created an entirely imaginary city called Lynxbourgh which he populated with paintings and drawings of many real structures. Du-Glass had only intermittent success during his life. He was released from many jobs. His marriage was unsuccessful due to his vacillation about his sexuality and, after a rather unfruitful life, even death it seems was against him when he was interred in the wrong burial plot.